The Third Party

“third party”
1. a person or group besides the two primarily involved in a situation, especially a dispute.
2. relating to a person or group besides the two primarily involved in a situation.
“third-party suppliers”

Google definition of the third party.

The third party does more damage than you think in relationships’ intimate or nonintimate. The third party always have something to say. It could be good or bad but they’re opinion matters to us more than ours at times. We always ask someone what they opinion is or they give us their two cents. Once they give us their opinion, we no longer think of ours.

In nonintimate relationships, like friendships, we tend to let the third party getting involved. That he says/ she says shit basically. we listen to everything they have to say and based our emotions off that. Instead of being real with that person. A lot of times that’s how friendships end. A friendship breaks up can be worst than a heartbreak from an intimate relationship. I have a story of losing my best friend from the third party.

Once I became pregnant with my twins me and one of my best friends became very distant. We both were going to different chapters in our life. But what cause our relationship to end was my best friend who I thought as my girlfriend/big sis started to listen to the third party. She already felt some type of way about some of my actions I was chosen; but instead coming to me, she decides to talk about the situation with the third party. Now I don’t know what the third party was telling her or what was said about me but I do know she chooses to stop speaking to me. When we finally talked, she brought up what he said/she says told her. So she based her emotions off that and we no longer have a close bond. If she would’ve come to me first then told me how she felt, our friendship would still be here but instead, she talked about our friendship with the third party. We both should be held accountable for how our friendship ended and not blame the third party.



One thing I learned when it comes to a relationship that you have with someone, it best for you to communicate about your feelings with that person. Friend, partner or even family member. Your relationship you have with that person is between you and that person. That bond is made only for you two. Communication is key in any relationship you have with someone.

In an intimate relationship, this is big to us. Relationships already complicated at times. You and that person grow every day and as you go through experiences, you change. The probably is the third person doesn’t understand that about your partner. The love, like  or lust you have for someone is your emotions


1. a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.

2. instinctive or intuitive feeling as distinguished from reasoning or knowledged


The third party sometimes have emotion for your partner; it could be based off what you told them, what they have done and their personal relationship they have with that person. Like I said, each relationship someone has it totally different than the other. We must stop telling everything that is going on in our relationship.Unless that person is abusing you, then YES speak up. But other that let some of our disagreements be between us and stop letting the third party know.

  1. Communicate is key like I said above in any relationship. Be always honest with your partner.

    Be careful on the relationship advice you take from your friends, family members, etc