Run That Check Up

I am a firm believer that a woman should have her own. One thing every milf should have is good credit. We also want to have financial freedom. No living check to check with a family, hell really not by yourself. We have to plan the future for ourselves so we can better our family and community. We have to find ways to always secured the bag.

Boost your credit will help. Credit is money without credit in this country your dollar won”t value as much as the credit. 10% of your credit score is “new credit”. Allow time between credit applications. Also 10% “credit mix”, open new accounts only as needed. Have credit cards  but manage them responsibly. Next 15% “length of history” which is the average age of accounts. Be aware of closing older accounts. Plus 35% “payment history”, established good history and pay your bills on time.

If you haven’t start to think about home ownership. Do so now sis, Because owning an home is wealth. We don’t want to be rich we want to be wealthy. Money to leave for our next generations. To start getting your finances in line, allow time to improve finances. First thing what do you have on your credit report. Do you have any credit? I started off with a credit card and that boost my credit than mines drop for letting other things get in collections. So now I paid off some debit and got a car note. Making those car payments boost my credit plus making on time payments. I also don’t nothing else go to collections. Now my credit has boost up to 100 points by just doing that. Create a budget to live off. Pay attentuon to the money that is leaving. don’t eat out for two weeks and cut off some expenses just for a little while. Pay attention to what you can afford and go on from there. Also reasarch the interest rate and look at the mortagers lienders you could possibly work through. Therefore you will have a game plan.


Now lets talk about investing your money into things. Making savings accounts. One for yourself and another one for your family. If you can have a savings account for yourself than have one for your children. That would be perfect. Each account don’t touch none of the money for 6 months to a year. Start off small than add more money. If  you are married or in a relationship. Do the same thing and the money will grow faster because you and that person both stacking money.

Also them big ass tax refunds some of you be getting, it’s time for you guys to invest into something or buy some land. Think about if 8 moms got together and each one was getting a 10 grand refund check. That would be 80,000 grand then take that and go buy a apartment building or a big house. Maybe some land, it could be anything but that money would be securing the future. We have to think about the next 10 to 15 years with our money.  Just one year don’t do buy the clothes,shoes, purses, cars, etc. and instead invest. Now you don’t have to take all of your refund check and invest. I understand we all like to splurge and I do want you to think about today, tomorrow and the next year. Take a little chunk of it like $500-$1000 and invest your money into a stock, business or put in the savings account.

It is so many apps that you can download to help you invest in a different stock. I know looking at the stock market can be a little boring. However, go on google and just type in stocks. You already on the internet anyway. Forbes will give you a list of best stocks to invest in.

Also look into CD’s for your child if you don’t want to start a savings account. CD stands for Certificates of Deposit. Basically, deposit some money into an account and keep in there let’s say 21 years. Your child turns 21 you give them this money. Over time you leave money in the account for a specified period of time. In return for locking up your money for that period of time, the bank pays a rate of interest. Also One cool things of CDs is that they pair interest payments with FDIC insurance. The insurance protects your deposit in case of a bank failure. If you buy a CD from an individual bank, the FDIC insures bank deposits up to $250,000 per depositor, per bank, per account ownership category. If you had a joint checking account, an IRA, and a savings account at a bank, your deposits could be insured for a total of $750,000. Do some research on this.

Do some of your own research I got some of the keys to success now all of them. But seriously go read up on some Forbes magazine and Time. They always interesting facts about money and businesses’. Forbes is one of my favorites. Lets get this money, Milfs’