Beauty and The Beast


When you become pregnant sometimes you aren’t where you want to be in life. Sometimes you’re not financially stable, so you begin to depend on your partner for a lot. I was not prepared to take care of a child. I was barely surviving on my own. So my partner asked me to depend on him. Of course I was skeptical but eventually,  I did become 100% dependent on him. And that was a BIG MISTAKE. Even if a man says he wants you to depend on him, DON’t DO IT. What he really means is that he wants you to be independent and only ask him for help. Every time I asked help from a friend or family member, there was a problem because he didn’t feel like a man. Then he begins snooping around while I was asleep. I kinda distanced myself from my friends and family because I felt like I needed him to trust me. Shortly after, the abuse began. It started with belittling me to make himself feel more manly. My clothes had to change because they were too tight or provocative for a mother to wear. If I tried to share something I learned, I was called stupid because he wanted to be smarter than me. When I would explain my feelings after an argument, I was told I was holding on to negatively and trying to keep up an argument.

Before I used to be goofy and silly. I used to laugh at almost anything and I loved being around others. I couldn’t be myself anymore. Did he really want me to stop being me? No, but he did want me to be who he wanted to me to be. I didn’t have money but I provided in other ways; only to be taken for granted, misused and abused. Both mentally and physically. So I’m here to tell you, young moms, out there to please be aware of who you are really making children with. Be very cautious because for every BEAUTY there is a BEAST!!


Written By Abby Wiggins