A Letter to Amber Rose and Blac Chyna

Dear Amber Rose and Blac Chyna,

I want to thank you for your awareness of the slut shaming movement and the women being called gold diggers because they want a man with money. Don’t judge them. I remember seeing you guys on BET Awards two years back and you wore outfits with the words “slut”, “gold digger”, “hoe” and “bitch” and I admire for guys for standing up for yourselves. I do admire that because we have to stand for ourselves and what we believe in. But I have concerns I’ll like to address.

One is what are you doing to bring awareness of the term “slut shaming”.  Slut shaming means “the action or fact of stigmatizing a woman for engaging in behavior judged to be promiscuous or sexually provocative.” I remember being slut shame as a freshman year in high school. The boy I lost virginity actually wanted to end our relationship because word on the street I was hoe. See the boys in high school made rumors about me being hoe, and getting a train ran on me. But the funny thing was I was still a virgin. It leads to me having low esteem and being bullied for the majority of my freshman year by people saying I was hoe. I wanted to prove to him I never even had sex so I gave away my most prized possession to a boy I barely knew and someone I actually broke up with right after he took my virginity. Then I came to college where a boy got mad at me during my junior year and basically slut shame again. He told he I wasn’t shit because everybody else said I wasn’t. He called me worthless and hoe all because his feelings was hurt. Throughout my teenage years and adulthood, I have been slut shame. So when it comes to me and you guys, I truly understand.

I first heard of Amber when she was dating Kanye. I was in love with her fashion and intrigue by her bald head. She was beautiful. I follow her; not idolizing her but admiring her. I even argue with people who say things like she is a hoe and slut. I always ask people how do you know that. How can you call someone you barely know a slut? You never met this person, and she is a hoe? Have you slept with her? We know how men can be; they called you out your name for various reasons. Especially if you let them smash and some men hate rejection. But we also got the women who shame other women as well. Mostly for the validation of men. They feel better with bringing another woman down to make them look good. Amber when you started the slut walk, I was very curious about what you were going to do. But as time goes by, you really not doing anything but bringing more awareness to you. You make a name off of it and even if you giving all proceeds to some type of charity, we don’t see it. I wish you did more events in the community like going to schools and doing events. Or hosting an event for young girls empowering them and ways to deal with being bullied for their sexuality.

You publicize on your brand with the slut walk. Somehow I feel as if it turns out to be about you. It’s not truly fighting for women of sexual assault, sexual harassment, slut-shaming, and domestic violence. When I was watching your interview with Hollywood Unlock, you talked about your nude picture of you naked with a bush. You stated about how women just start shaving their vaginas and how it more healthier for us not to. I am so confused why you didn’t say that when you shared the photo. What you said was very true and we have start shaving more maybe for men or maybe because we think it’s nasty. We need more facts to back up what you do. Even if you feel like you don’t have to give us any explanation on what you do. This is very true, but when you start a movement and go on interviews saying that you do this for the women that can’t speak their minds but you actions totally are different. I begin to question who are you truly doing this for. I believe your message is good it is not coming out the right way.

Blac Chyna is a stripper from Miami who actually paid herself through college and starts businesses with her money. A lot of people don’t know because they stuck with her being a stripper. I do not agree with the whole Rob Kardashian thing of sharing her nude photos. And that whole stripper thing is not validation for him sharing those photos. If I pose naked for Playboy magazine and I sent my boyfriend a nude photography is not the same thing. Just because on the internet naked doesn’t give you the exploit naked photos I share with you. I stand for Blac Chyna with the bullying from Rob but honestly, we all think she has a plan to get back with Tyga. This plan was unthinkable and it was GREAT. No lie, who would’ve thought about getting back at their ex by dating their girlfriend brother.

With this being said, I just hope Amber and Chyna start to actually show more of the awareness to the NO SLUT SHAMING CAMPAIGN and not just advertise themselves. We as women need to do what’s right for all women. Fight for us and spread awareness. Use your popularity for the ones who are not popular. Help us save the young girls who are struggling with their identity and being bullied for their sexuality.