It’s A Hard Knock Life

The Alliance presents Abby Wiggins

As a teen, your parents tell you that you should focus on your education and to stay away from “fast tail girls” or  “manish little boys. But they never tell you about the hardships of life. See I was a good girl; I was obedient, made good grades, and even went to college liken my parents told me too. But life is still kicking me at every turn. I’ve joined the military, hid injuries and still got medically discharged. Then, I went back to school and got a job in my field of study. Yet, I still can’t afford to buy pampers and wipes sometimes.  I still have to pray for a miracle to pay rent. And now  I’m nearing my second pregnancy and praying that someone will hire me just so that I can make meets. So to all you young moms that feel like they just don’t  understand you. Life is real. Life is hard. Life is something that you will fail at over and over again. And nobody can truly prepare you for what’s in store. Whatever you do, always remember to encourage and keep trying. Keep pushing forward because you have to go through the storm to get to the sun.