Run Me My Money, babydaddy

“The estimated cost of raising a child from birth through age 17 is $233,610 or as much as almost $14,000 annually.”  – CBSNEWS

“There are currently 13.4 million custodial single parents living in the U.S.”

“48.7% have some type of legal informal child support agreement in place.”

“89.9% of those child support agreements are established in court or through a Title IV-D agency.”

“10 . 2% are informal child support agreements between the two parents.”

“Also 22.4% of all custodial parents requested government assistance collecting child support”.


Yes, the government put you on child support automatically if the custodial parent uses a certain type of government assistance. Do I think they should put that non-custodial on child support? I am biased with that answer, it depends on the situation. If the child using health insurance, maybe so. Put that child on their health insurance. Health insurance is expensive. A family plan might be 100 out of your check. My insurance policy at my old job was $90  bi-weekly for me and the twins. Also, you got the ones on food stamps, and the ones using housing assistance or child care assistance. It’s really people out here that truly needs that. I know married couples that are using, so I don’t think you should put somebody on child support for using government assistance. Especially the way cost of living is going up.

“32.9 billion dollars in child support was owed during the year 2013”.

“The average amount of child support due $5,774 per year”.

“Only 68.5% of that money was received”.


Here is my opinion about child support. I do not recommend putting any parent on child support if they do their part. I’m talking about splitting everything in half or the at least majority of is shared. Being a single parent is very hard especially with no support system. It takes a child to raise a village, always remember that. I do not like women who bash their babyfathers’ about child support. Most of the time you know your babydaddy wasn’t shit when you got with him. So don’t bash him now sis. Also, don’t put him on child support because he does not want to be with you anymore, So you using that as a pawn. Nope, sis you wrong.  I know men who paid $500 for child support and complain about it all the time. My first question is “are you splitting everything with the mom.” I am talking true definition of co-parenting; half of taking to doctor apps, going back and forth to school or being an active parent. I can go on but you get the picture. It’s men paying child support who never see they kids. Some of them don’t want too and it’s others’ because of the mom. Who knows, but money doesn’t just raise a child. Love and nurturing do from both parents.

Now to the men who try to dictate where the child support for the child should go too is a no. Especially if that’s all you do. Men say women shouldn’t be taking care of themselves with the money. You are right, they shouldn’t. I come from a single mom household. My parents divorced by the time I was seven. I have been on my mom health insurance since I was a child. She has paid my child care by herself all my life. She also has a life insurance plan for me. Plus she paid for my clothes, shelter, extra activities I wanted to do by herself. My dad was supposed to pay $200 a month. If you add that up it’s more than $200 for my expenses. My dad did get me for holidays’ and summers’ plus he bought me clothes. But my dad stops paying child support faithfully by the time I was 12. So by middle school, my mom supported me 90% by herself. Now my mom is a champ she never took him to court or made him pay back support. My older sister dad went to jail for being behind over $50,000 grand on child support. When my mom told the judge to let him go he asked why. She said, ” I would never see that money”. Which is true ladies half the time that money you guys crying about will never see?

The government makes money off of child support that why I am totally against putting the father on child support because of those reasons. But it is some men who need to be on child support. Honestly, the government doesn’t mind taking the men driver license or putting them in jail. WHY? Because they making money on it. Now we all can go back and forth about child support and what should happen. BUT, we will be going back and forth all night. The point is MEN take care of your children, if you work a little harder you might not be on child support. Women, always think about how your child will benefit from this.