Father’s Day is not bitter single moms’ day

YES, I said it. FATHER’S DAY IS NOT SINGLE MOM’S DAY. I appreciate all single moms for all the work you do for playing both roles financially, emotionally and physically. Many of us come from single mom’s households. I am a single mom and also I have plenty of friends who are too. But Father’s day is a celebration for the real men who step up and very dominate in their children lives. It’s plenty of single fathers too, they just don’t get the recognition. I know plenty of men who are doing an amazing job as a father. It’s not always easy we got the baby moms who are very bitter that the men don’t want them but love their child. We got the baby moms if it’s not benefiting her she doesn’t want him around the child. So yes it is some deadbeat baby moms’ out there.

I appreciate you for beating the statistics and taking care of your child or children. For being present in their lives and making sure the structure there from a man. Not just there financially but physically stepping up. Father’s day is to celebrate the real men who always put their child first. Also, Thank you to the step dads’ who are not the father by blood but doing an amazing job.

So no, we don’t want to see all over social media how you not getting your baby daddy anything for Father’s day or how you the child’s mother and father. We love you for doing both roles but this not about you. So instead of dissing just shout out the real men in your life that deserve the recognition of doing their role.

My best friend Ellis is one of the greatest fathers I know. He is genuine and one of the most motivated men I know.  Since becoming a father, Jake has become one of the top priority in your life. You have started expressing love more outwardly. I couldn’t be more blessed to call you the twin’s uncle. Happy Father’s day. Love you!IMG_8297