Mom Of The Week

Welcome To The Alliance

Tyler Timmons, soon to be Mrs. Ross. My sister coming from South Carolina is the ‘Bomb Ass Mom”. Tyler has been amazing sister to me for the past few years. We came to Tennessee State together and graduated together.  Tyler gets the name of “Bomb Ass Mom” because of her divine motherhood, strength and also because she always slays. Tyler is the mom of a beautiful girl name Mckenzie, who has all sass in the world. Mckenzie personality is amazing and she has you to thank. Whenever Tyler feels like she can do better she does. Tyler has grown a lot over years not only as a mom but also as a woman. She always encourages me and let me know how powerful I am. When I was pregnant she checked on me all the time, her and John. Over the year she has gotten engaged and has shown me that love still exists.  My sister is the BOMB from having a baby in high school and graduating from college. She still going after everything she wants and maintains being a role model for Kenzie. I love you always and forever my cheetah sister.