Your Child’s father

Co-parenting is probably one of the biggest essential to your child well-being. One of the biggest things I have seen with women before I had children was their relationship between them and their baby’s father. The baby mama and baby daddy drama have been going on for years. So this is nothing new. I just want to point out some flaws that happen a lot between Mom and dad.

One thing after the relationship ends it becomes a lot of bitterness. Not just the women but the men too. They both tend to become petty to one another. Which is probably because they need to let go whatever it is they have. I understand having a child can be life changing for each person especially the ones who were not ready. However becoming spiteful to each other and doing things or saying stuff to hurt each other is hurting the child.

Using the child as a pawn is a big NO. I seen women do it all the time. Your child needs both of their parents’. The child watches how the relationship you have with the other parent. When you use the child to get back at the father for whatever he did in the past is very small minded. I seen women tell the fathers they cannot see the child unless its convenient for her. Or if the man is not financially taking care of the child then he cannot be a father as well. It’s a difference between being a dead-beat and not just having money.

Keeping yourself available for your babydaddy is a no, especially if you know that it’s not a healthy relationship. When you let that man come in whenever he want.  You keep the door open for him. He knows that you are open for him and whenever. Don’t be that one girl who he always comes back to when he want too. Self-love is the best love. know your worth. I understand about keeping the family together but not if it’s going to damage you.

I never understood when women say they don’t trust their baby father but they trust him enough to create a baby. The relationships that you have with yourself and others. Your child pays attention to it. From your body language, your words and attitude towards others. A child is the reflection of you. The relationship you have with their father is the structure and foundation for all your child future relationships. As an adult, I notice it’s a lot of miscommunication with men and women. A lot of distrust and emotionless between both genders. This is all coming from childhood. As a parent of two boys, I hope to have a great relationship with the twins father. A very open relationship and that we respect each other. Right now it’s not too much communication but I respect him and got a lot of love for him and his well-being. Respect has to be there for us both.

My parents have been co-parenting for 13 years and one thing I can honestly say about them both is they never bash each other. My father admitted his wrongs in their relationship but he always shows how appreciative he is of my mom. He always tells me how my mom is a great mother and wife. My mom always shows my dad gratitude love and respect. I love them both because they taught me what it is like to co-parent and they still do it even with the twins.

Co-parenting is not easy but it’s the best thing you can do for yourself and the child. custody-battle-fighting-over-baby-4389525