Mom Of The Week

Welcome to the Alliance

Andriana Moore has shown devotion and courage. Andriana is straight out of Nashville, TN. You became a parent right when adult life had started. I can only imagine how that felt and obstacles you came across. I couldn’t even think about being a parent back then but you did and you still going strong. With that being said, Thank you. You are showing moms around the world that motherhood is not easy but you can do it and still be pretty. Over the years you have shown how selfless you are and with that, you became a parent to a beautiful daughter. Your beautiful spirit and personality I have admired since I met you. You are raising your daughter to be fierce and to never back down just like yourself. Throughout the years our friendship has grown and the love you have for my kids make me love you even more. I am so proud of you for stepping up and doing everything that needs to be done. Journey is blessed to have a mom with your ambition and passion.  Keep striving mom.


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