Signs that you might be a F***Girl

Ladies we tend to get signs of a man being the term we know as ” F***Boy”. Now what’s that, here are some of my responses from my friends

” A ni*** who expect you to meet him 150% but can’t give you 5%. A ni**a who don’t believe in actions speak louder than words. all talk” – Andriana Moore

” No ambition. No goals. Phony. A Bi***. A liar” – Timmyra King

“Ni**** who would rather lay up  then u take on a date. A N**** that will watch you a struggle while he shaking life” – Shalois Allison

Each woman have a definition of a F***Boy but at the end of day, we all know one or maybe two or more. We get the signs early about men, from having conversations and their vibes. But did you know you can be a F***girl. We tend to forget who we are and that we control everything around us. We are the divine power but since so many of us don’t know our energy so we become what we known as a f***girl..

The problem with millennial women we are so focused on pleasing others that we aren’t pleasing ourselves. When it comes to our personalities it sucks. We walk around without looking at our surroundings. We so quick to jump on a bandwagon with others and we following one another. Some of the women I come across have no ambition or goals. They spending time staring in the mirror primping themselves to do nothing. Also quick to jump on men about what they don’t have from cars, houses, money value.  Women who have  hidden agendas or false motives. You want people to be upfront but you not. Women who are quick to judge other women for their behavior and what they got going on but doing the same things themselves.

“Consistently complaining on the things ni***s don’t do for her but she also doesn’t do that for herself.Or she brags on what she can get out a man. Finds more joy in finessing ni**as than being committed to one” – Malcolm Perry

When you so quick to judge a man on what he has and you don’t have the same either. You can’t belittle a man for not having 800 credit score, a car, money, his own place but  you don’t have the same. It’s alright to have morals and values, I hope your partner does too.  Those responses that my girls gave at beginning of the blog can be the same about women. Be careful on how you think and act because you too can be suffering from being a F***girl.