#parentchallenge vs #nokidschallenge

A few days ago on social media, a hashtag of #parentchallenge was trending. It was celebrating your child of course with a picture of you, your child when they were first-born and them now.  The idea I thought was very cute, but last sunday as I was on twitter I seen something that said #nokidschallenge. There was an uproar with a girl who posted a picture of her in a college cap and gown, her career and another picture of herself. People were saying she was basically downing women who have kids.  I don’t know how that’s has anything to do with #nokidschallenge. I also have a degree too as well and a mother of twin boys.


Graduation pictures from 2015

#parenchallenge was for parents to show kids off. Since having kids I notice the parent vs the non parent. Whats the beef ? Some feel as if people with kids are mad at the world for having them. They’re probably right but it was your choice to have them or not. I know ton of people with kids that have a long list of accomplishments and all of them say they’re kids inspire them. If you have no kids than that should inspire you to do more. What am I saying lets stop bashing each other for if they decided to have kids or not. That’s their choice #MindYourBusinessin2017


I didn’t know that most of us with kids are broke and miserable. I know atleast 65% of people who got kids got more money than people with kids. I do think women with kids and women with no kids  go against each other a lot. I believe women go against each other for the attention of men, if man agree with your thoughts than they feel good. Some women feel like since they have kids they are less desirable and other women who don’t have kids are more wanted.

I believe neither one of it is true I find men who are more attracted to me for having kids. I never had them issues. The women who find the need to seek attention from men for various reasons need to find themselves first.  Your validation from a man should never be about a child.

To the women with no kids, keep taking your birth control , using condoms whatever you doing to not have kids. Parents, your kids is part of your legacy. Raise them. Love them. Become a better parent you were yesterday. Nobody can shame you for having kids because that was your decision. Let’s not forget that sex is not just about pleasure but also procreate. If you are miserable with your kids, contact me.