Mom Of The Week

Welcome to The Alliance

Liseli Mccarthy is the First Mom of the Week. Coming straight out of St. Louis, Missouri. Liseli recently graduated with a degree in biology from University of Missouri . She is a mother of a beautiful son name “Baba”, who will be turning 3 in February. Seli is the ultimate Milf  with the brains, body and ambition.

I choose Seli to be apart of The Alliance, because ever since I had the twins she has been motivation of getting my body right. Her body is beautiful. I am going to the gym chile, you already told me. However watching you taking care of your son  and finishing school and traveling  is motivation not just for moms but women all the world. Ladies always remember you are running a marathon not a race. I personal known Seli for years and she always been one of the few girls I adore. She is a beautiful person inside and out. I watched over the years you become an incredible mom and woman. Congrats on your recent achievement and can’t wait to see what you accomplish more over the years.

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