dont be the bag lady in 2017

You know how long it took me to understand in the song “Bag Lady” by Erykah Badu, she wasn’t actually talking about bags. “Bag lady you gone hurt your back dragging all them bags like that”. Holding onto all the pain, sorrow, and anger; well we have to let it go in 2017. Passive aggressive is one of the biggest things I’m letting go. Throughout all my life that’s been the downfall in most relationships, opportunities and growth.

Do you know when you walk in a room,somebody feeds off your energy. If you are releasing bad vibes and anger we all can feel it. LET IT GO. Once you let it go, you  will start breathing better. Holding onto that baggage will get in the way of your growth as person and also knock down the ones you love. Have you ever been around somebody and they gave you a negative vibe to the point you didn’t even want to be around anymore. Well, don’t be that person.

We have to forgive the ones who hurt us. Women are very passionate but men get us confused of being crazy. I know you not crazy but men won’t understand until they can be in our shoes one day. I do believe women are the main ones who carried extra baggage. We tend to hold on to our the past the most and tend to carry for a while.

Learn how to breathe after a situation you went through. We go though obstacles throughout our life that builds us to who we are.  We have to learn to breathe and learn that its okay. We will make it because we are strong and powerful. The universe and God wouldn’t give us this path if we wasn’t made for it.

We have to love ourselves throughout our mistakes in life. A lot of times we hold on to a mistake and never let it go. Which can lead us to stop loving ourselves. We start to regret and sometimes think negative about ourselves. You have to love yourself no matter what you done or what you going to do. It’s all in our life plan.



  • Erykah Badu