Personal growth in 2017

Personal growth is one of the biggest things I am working on in 2017. I am not doing any New year’s resolution.  Most of our New Year’s resolution we end up failing by the end of February. So from now on I am working on my personal growth as a woman and as a  mom.

For you to be the ultimate milf it’s about the goals and the person you are evolving to everyday. You have to set goals for yourself. Not I want to do this  and put a date on it. But actually make a goal map. Put how you going to accomplish your goals. Start the progress every day until you reach that goal. The key to personal growth is finding out who you are as a person. Everybody past shapes them to the person they are right now, but your present helps determine your future. After you have a baby, you changed as a person. After I had the twins I became more responsible, selfless and more powerful as a woman. I found out my true potential as a woman. It probably sound corny that I am saying I change  because of the twins but of course every woman change for their family. Your family become the top priority in your life. Every day you should be thinking what can I do to become a better woman so that I can be a better mom.

The reasons personal growth is so important as a mom. Setting goals for yourself first will help accomplish goals for your family. First thing is think about what you were doing in your past and what you want in your future. Than think  about what are you doing in your present that will help your future. Your growth changes by experiences you go through and the lessons you learn. Whatever you think, you will become. This personal growth will impact your children lives. Always remember your children are the reflection of you.