To My Black Suns

I’m an orange moon and I shine so bright cause I reflect the light of my sun – “Orange Moon” Erykah Badu

I want to thank you guys for giving me strength and love.  I remember when I became pregnant and I hope for two boys because I rather had two boys than two girls. I was so happy to know I got my two boys.  I am gracious that God chose me to be your mom. The love I have for you both run deep. As the world turn cold to our black men I want you both to know to never become discourage and know you are both worthy. I know it will be days where you feel useless and you question yourself. But you both are one of kind they can try to duplicate you but you will always be the prototype. Aziz, you are the Alpha, the Beginning, the first. Zion, the omega, the end, the last. Always protect each other. You are your brother’s keeper. Love one another, protect one another, respect one another.  I thank you both for coming in my life because the love for black men are totally different because I carried and gave birth to two.  I will always protect you guys as long as I live but it will days I will test you because I’m your mom. The first woman in your life but not you’re last.  Just know I will test whoever you bring home to meet me so be ready.We have to make sure whoever they are they can serve this royalty. That It’s going to be days you get mad at me for kissing you but you never be too old for my kisses. It will be days where you wish the most for me and I forgive you now for all the ” I’m sorry” now. I know I have never been in love with a man but you both are my first and I want to praise you both because now I value myself. I put myself on a pedestal because I know I’m the first relationship you have with a woman.  I promise to bring you up around men with dignity and pride in themselves. Always show respect and never let anybody disrespect you. you are men don’t let nobody control your emotions but yourself. It’s okay to cry and having feelings doesn’t make you less of a man.  Be always kind to women because women are your creators, healers and you should always protect them. Women are not crazy, they just very passionate about what they’re saying and doing.So adore them and be Kind.   You both came in life and you gave me the push I need and the love I never felt. You both inspire to be a better woman and thank you both.