The Mother is the First Teacher

Always remember you are your child’s first impression and the first impression is the lasting impression. While I was pregnant  I tried not to say certain things and listen to certain music because I know the twins will be able to hear whatever it is. Pregnant? You probably like girl you tweaking but honestly, I love Gucci Mane and If I have to listen to the edited music then so be it. Think about it, your child starts cussing and using vulgar words as a child and you start to disobedient them for it. ask yourself where do they get it from? YOU or maybe other adults. So Instead of spanking of them or whatever you do for punishment actually ask them do they know what they’re saying. Tell them to say it in a sentence, spell it out. This could be actually be learning tool.  It’s not all about the vulgar language but your child learns mostly everything from you. You have a bigger impact on their lives more than anybody or anything.

As children, our impressions are consolidated, concretize and ” formed” into the rooted foundation of which will determine the nature and ” form” of everything else in our lives that come thereafter.

– Unknown

The reason I am so big on this because I I observe how kids behave in front of their parents and not when they’re around. Most kids don’t learn behavior overnight. I never like hearing parents calling their kids names like ” dumb-ass, stupid, bitch or even nigga”. your children take these words and believe that. When you call your child dumb-ass or stupid than they go to school and the teacher starting calling saying they need help with how they learn. They began to believe maybe I am stupid, which no one is stupid some just have a harder time with learning which is why being in your child education is a must. The way you look at education because how your child looks at education. Education is more than school but it’s about knowledge. Knowledge is power.The child behavior comes from their parent. So watch how you’re behaving  in front of your kids. They soak it up and mock everything you do.

Be careful how you communicate with your child. you are the child’s most influential teacher. Your child watches everything and becomes a reflection of you. Especially how you communicate with their father. They will look back one day and seen how their parents communicate with each other. As a child, my mom never talks negatively about my dad because he was my dad. She gave him some type of respect in front of me even If he didn’t do whatever she felt like he should do. I thank both of them because they taught me how to treat the twin’s father.

I get my attitude just like my mom. The rolling my eyes and poking my lips come from my mom. (hi mom!) because I am her. She is part of me. Think about your behavior skills and how you act. Your child gets their personality as early as 3 years old. Can you believe that? Think about it, look at your child right now if they are older than three. While your child is so young, their adapting to everything around them and forming their own personality from it.

Be careful how you speak, act and talk around your children and others. Your personal growth is important to your child’s life. How you are as a person reflects them. Set goals for yourself and motivate yourself. Love thyself. Respect thyself.


A nation can rise no higher than it’s woman- Elijah Muhammad