What kind of mom I’ll love to follow?

whose the ideal  mom I would love to follow?  the cool mom, I grew up watching and loving the movie Mean Girls. Regina George, one of the main characters from the movie mom said ” I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool”. I completely fell in love with the movie. No, she’s not my ideal mom but I would say I always wanted to be a cool mom. what makes a mom cool? well, the mom who can dress and not letting motherhood take over her appearance. when I say appearance  I mean keeping herself up and being the ultimate milf. but its not always about her appearance it also about the career. a career can be a stay at home mom or that mom whose working. as long you are doing it well and your family is taken care of. keep doing it. also being cool doesn’t mean you just fun but you also are responsible by putting your family a top priority in their life.

I grew up in a single parent household with a working mom. My mom always had two incomes coming in ever since I can remember. My mom didn’t just make her life about just working and taking care of her family. my mom is a boss you know it by the way she talks and walk. she is in control of herself and her life. my mom would be the ideal woman I would love to follow because she overprotective of her children, passionate, and driven. my mom can turn up and you can still have a girl talk with her. Beyoncé is the queen mother from being a career woman, a mother and just a fine wife. she is one of the greatest entertainer in the world. she is about empowering women and standing up for her blackness. Now think about other celebrities and you would say they are milfs. and a lot of them are but  with the help of their nannies and money. but look at some of your family members, friends, and coworkers or neighbors. a lot of women are doing their damn thing and fucking it up in the motherhood world.  a lot of my friends with children im proud of. They are still trying to complete their goals but also taking care the babies. “educate a woman, educate a nation.” My friend Layla Brown would be another milf. she’s a college graduate with two young black men. she is beautiful, powerful and inspiring. she root for her man, herself  and women altogether .

Milfs ( Mom I love to follow) I am bringing a new abbreviation to the word milf. the old abbreviation to the word milf  ( mother I like to fuck), well lets keep that but make a new one. I want women to know who they’re true rulers in the world. we can be sexy, independent but also dependent, driven and passionate. I also want you to remember you are the ideal woman and is  a kickass mom if nobody haven’t told you.